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  Feng Shui Seminars and Short Talks

Seminars and short talks are well suited to the needs of corporate organizations who would like to give their client, partners, employees and team members an informational experience on Feng Shui. The information is covered in one-day, half day or an hour talk basis which are potent practical nuggets; knowledge that attendees can take home with them and begin applying right away.

Depending on the length of the talk and the target audience attending the talks, customized talk will be tailored to match with requisite of the event and also the corporate vision of the organization. The contents of the talk will be well adjusted to correspond with the pre-arranged key project / development in plan and ultimately benefits the various departments and functions of the organization – in particular the marketing and sales department or senior management.  That is why Louis Loh is a popular demand among large corporations, multinational corporate and international banks whenever there are events or functions opportunity. He delivers his diversity of knowledge in Feng Shui, Bazi, Face Reading and others Chinese Astrologies in a way which often won audiences and organizations’ applauds and recognitions. 

Many organizations also work together closely with us to build a synergistic business relationship around Louis's talks. For example, we have worked together with a public-listed property developer who was undertaking the development of a large real estate project. After engaging us for a Feng Shui Consultation of the development, we worked together with the developer to formulate a marketing strategy that allowed the developer to benefit from increased awareness of the property and Feng Shui in general with Louis Loh presenting at their seminars.

We have a number of specially designed short seminars and talks that will be tailored for any event or function:

>> Feng Shui for Residential
>> Feng Shui for Commercial
>> Feng Shui for Graveyard / Sheng Ji
>> Face Reading
>> New Year Feng Shui
>>12 Animal Signs Analysis

All of these talks can vary in duration and in focus, depending on who the attendees will be.

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