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A different location, occasion and time projects a different Qi energy. On that note, an auspicious Date and time selection is crucial for important events or occasions in life. A grand opening of a business, marriage, moving to a new house, groundbreaking or launching of a new product; these are all vital moments that need a positive Date and time preference to ensure the Qi energy is utilized to its maximum capacity therefore, a smooth event can be well look forward to

Marriage Date Selection


Marriage is one of the most important events in our life thus selecting an auspicious date and time is crucial as the positive and harmony Qi that generated under an auspicious date and time bless us a harmonious energy onwards. As harmony is the origin of all good, it is vital to have a harmonious family before prosperity, wealth and health will come to your house. The significance of auspicious date and time is essentially proved as harmonious comes from the good day for your marriage.

House Moving Date Selection


We do not advocate on having a childbirth session under an auspicious date forcibly. Following doctor’s advices, caesarean is the option to go under certain circumstances where pregnant woman cannot perform natural childbirth; this is when parents prefer to have an auspicious date and time for childbirth. One’s destiny and lucks are within grasp since they have the pre-opportunity to select an auspicious date and time of childbirth, generating a good Bazi which ultimately benefit their next generation. The philosophies of selecting an auspicious date and time for childbirth emphasizes on providing a good Bazi for your children. Having a good Bazi ensures that your children start off their life in a way better than others which in terms of their own destiny and forthcoming lucks in their entire life.  While natural childbirth on any random day could be resulting in either good or average Bazi; giving birth under chosen date and time grants your children the bliss of life, this is simply because “their future is in your hand”.


Renovation and Groundbreaking Date Selection


An auspicious date for the renovation or groundbreaking for commercial or residential property is vital to ensure the progress flows go smoothly and avoiding inauspicious days that generate instable energy field.

House Moving Date Selection


Moving in to the new house is a memorable moment thus doing it under an auspicious date and time ensuring harmony and peacefulness for everyone in the house. An auspicious date and time will be chosen through analyzing the Bazi of all the occupants of your new home.

Signing of Contracts, official opening or Products Launches Date Selection


Pick the best possible date and time to enhance your opportunities to receive the blessings of success in various business activities.

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