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Commercial Feng Shui

People always have a conception that they only seek for Feng Shui consultation once they bought a house. There isn’t any problem with this method however it would be better if we can start with a right Feng Shui in the beginning. Picking a house with better Feng Shui conditions in which the door, bedroom and stove are all located in a good and correct sector in the house saves you from all the problems, time and money that meant for renovations which ultimately benefiting the tenants.
Commercial Feng Shui

People always wonder whether they chosen a right residential property, especially when it comes to the Feng Shui of a property. One of the better ways for good Feng Shui is obtained through selecting a residential property with good Feng Shui potential. Let us assist you in screening and selecting suitable residential property with good external environment, auspicious direction and location and also tailored to match your family’s Bazi and Ming Gua, both in landed property and condominiums to ensure the auspiciousness and benefits of Feng Shui are utilized in your residential property. 

陽宅擇地是專門設計於希望建立自己住家的客戶。根據客戶所提供的选择,最好的地段將會通過识别其风水潜力及相应的各种条件 - 整体的外部环境,方向和位置的土地,並且配搭客戶的八字及命卦而做出專業的分析及挑選,以達到專旺客戶的良好效應。

This consultation for residential land selection is particularly designed for clients that wish to build their own home. Among all the choices provided, the best possible residential land is selected through identifying its Feng Shui potential that corresponding with various conditions – overall external environment, direction and location of the land, also matching the tenant’s Bazi and Ming Gua and so on.



The consultation for commercial property selection is based on finding a specific area with sustaining environment that is beneficial for your business nature, both in the forms of offices or factories. The consultation is designed specifically that emphasizes on optimizing the revenue and growth of the business and assessing the overall prospective of the areas you chosen to site your office.

Commercial Feng Shui

Opting for an auspicious land to establish your own business empire? Looking for a prospective area to build a new shopping mall or your own iconic commercial building? The consultation for commercial land selection stress on evaluating the overall external environment of selected land that is sustainable of long term growth under commercial purpose.

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