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A different location, occasion, and time projects a different Chi energy. On that note, and auspicious date and time selection is crucial for important events or occasions in life. A grand opening of a business, marriage, give birth, moving to a new house, groundbreaking or launching of a new product; these are all vital moments that need a positive date and time preference to ensure the Chi energy is utilized to its maximum capacity therefore, a smooth event can be well look forward to.

不同的空间,不同的时间,都有不同的磁场,若有任何重大的事物如开张、结婚、搬家、动土、新产品推出或是剖腹生產等、都 应該择一个好的日子,才能把好的气场推到最高点,让事情更顺利地进行。尤其是结婚,我们将根据八字五行的配合,挑个吉日吉时注冊,送聘,安床及婚宴等,让一 切顺利,婚姻美满,至於生產,擇吉日生產可以讓寶寶擁有好的八字,將有助於未來各方面的發展。


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